Sunday, September 30, 2007

Adidas Superstar's

"Old school" is the new "new school", and the original Adidas superstars are what's hot. Since the day these kicks were out on the market in the glory days of hip-hop, rappers, mc's, and ballers across the country had at least 3 pairs of these in their collection. Run DMC was the group that really adopted the superstars and still rock them today as well as millions of people around the globe. The simple, yet fresh look of these kicks make them the universal sneaker-rockable on the court, in the streets, or on the runway, the "A-dI-dAz" as Rev Run calls them are whats up. If you consider yourself a collector, and these are not in your closet, you need a closer look on your status my friend!

1 comment:

The Joneses said...

i reccomend pairing your classic black and white adidas superstars with a black and white adidas tracksuit, several oversized gold chains, hot white shades, and for extra effect: a black and white kangol.