Friday, October 19, 2007

Iconic Sneakers: Original All Stars

The Converse All Stars are the first, the best, the only. When I think of sneakers, the first pair that pop into my head are the all stars. Baseball, basketball, football, running, walking, sitting, sleeping-anything can be associated with these pair of shoes. This photo is related to the idea of sneakers, when someone is thinking about wanting something that is "old school, but new school, preppy but enough to wear anywhere, a pair of shoes that are comfortable, yet look sophisticated", Converse All Stars are the epitome of sneakers around the world. If I wanted to start a conversation about sneakers with someone who has lived in all the countries in the world...All Stars are the shoes to talk about.
This photo of the navy blue Converse All Stars is iconic to the subject of sneakers. Not only are they the most known shoes around the globe, but this picture is classic to the sneaker fanatics. If Converse All Stars are on a shelf, this photo would be the arrangement it would be in. The reason this photo is so popular among the millions of pairs of shoes around the world, is because they have been around for decades. The idea of sneakers IS Converse All Stars...which is why they are so iconic because of their popularity.

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