Monday, September 24, 2007


Knowing the fashion of today's America's, people thrive on the new trendy styles of shoes. Weather you are big or small, short or tall, skinny or "phat", white or black, kicks are essential in the pursuit of trendiness. Shoes are entities... you may not want to believe it but if you don't have the hottest kicks, you are just not hip.
The new 2006-2007 SB Dunks by Nike are an essential for your closet. Although they were created for Skateboarding, shoe guru's around the globe are craving for all the dunks available. A hot item, on the shelves of every big store... like I said, if you don't have the hottest kicks-AKA SB DUNKS- you are just NOT HIP ENOUGH!

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chris said...

i skate, and alot of my friends have had these shoes at one point or another. when nike first started making skate shoes, i didn't think it would last, but now it seems like nike is thriving in the skateboarding world.